Mint Jewelry Co. Lookbook at Blue Basin

Have you heard of Mint Jewelry Co.!? It's an amazing jewelry company that was founded and is currently based out of Bend, Oregon. Mint Jewelry is a national brand stocked around the country and the world. You can even find Mint Jewelry Co. stocked by FREE PEOPLE. Dream brand. Gorgeous and stunning jewelry. You get the picture. You should definitely read Savannah, the founder's sweet story about how she started her brand because it is straight inspiring and extremely expanding. It's taken me a little while to share these images because this past year has been pure craziness for my business. A little space helped as I went back and made some updated edits to these gorgeous images that I photographed for Mint Jewelry Co.'s lookbook last summer at Blue Basin in Central Oregon. Take a peek and if you want to purchase some jewels for yourself, which I highly recommend, head over to Mint Jewelry Co